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Who needs big expensive cameras?

Some Funny Innovations By Indians

Here are some funny innovations by Indians That’s even better than liquid cooling Instant water heater Tear protection That milk is iron rich Innovation at its best That’s a two in one That’s called centralized cooling Is that...

Photogenic Faces At Inappropriate Moments

Photogenic Faces At Inappropriate Moments

Imagine you are running through the mud or in a marathon and someone snaps your pic, I am sure you will little self conscious were you looking good? But not the people in these few pictures. There faces...

Power of bald

Power Of Baldness (Infographic)

While people around the planet are worrying too much about baldness, it is a true fact that “A lack of hair is no hindrance to those who seek power. The power of baldness infographic  

creative ads

Some Best Creative Ads

Ads industry is booming these days, advertisers are looking for more and more creative ways to attract consumers towards them. Here is a list I prepared while looking around the web of some of the best creative and...