Nuclear Explosions and Detonations Facts (Videos)

 Some of the alarming facts about nuclear bombs explosions and detonations in the history of mankind:

  • There are at least 23,000 nuclear weapons in existence: sufficient to wipe out the entire human population of the planet many times over.
  • Of the 23,000 nuclear weapons in existence around 2,500 are on High Alert. This means they are ready to be launched at a moment’s notice.
  • The missiles delivering nuclear weapons to their target travel at faster than 1000 miles in 4 minutes.
  • Central London would be utterly destroyed by a single megaton bomb.

Aerial view of an atomic bomb explosion

  • Survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki referred to the pain and suffering as ‘indescribable’ and ‘hell on earth’. Eventually some survivors of Hiroshima arrived in hospital elsewhere. Such was their degree of suffering that when a nurse entered the ward they screamed for her to kill them
  • In one crisis a single man saved the world from destruction. If Stanislav Petrov, in 1983, had told his Russian superiors that his electronic monitors were signalling a massive nuclear attack from the US, there would have been a global nuclear war. He did not tell them and the signals turned out to have been due to a malfunction.

Nuclear Weapons: A Visual Timeline

  • The 15 kilotonne bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 destroyed 13 square kilometres of the Japanese city. The heart of the explosion reached several million degrees centigrade. Everybody within half a mile of the centre of the blast was killed and 92 per cent of the city’s structures were destroyed or damaged. Around 75,000 people were killed immediately but many more died from radiation poisoning. By the end of 1950, the death toll was 200,000
  • Today as many as eight nations acknowledge the possession of nuclear weapons. This nuclear club includes USA, UK, Russia, France, People’s Republic of China, India, Pakistan and North Korea.

Joe 17 – First nuclear device fired

  • Today, an even more deadlier nuclear weapon in the form of the Hydrogen bomb has been developed, which is thousands of times more deadlier than an atomic bomb. Classified as a thermonuclear device, a hydrogen bomb uses both fission and fusion reactions to unleash hell when detonated. These thermonuclear weapons can cause damage equivalent to or more than 50 million tons of TNT explosives!
  • With the development of intercontinental ballistic missiles, the delivery of atom bombs has become even easier and deadlier! Many countries possess capability of launching nuclear warheads targeting places thousands of miles away.

Shockwave of Atomic Bomb Impact

  • In 1966, during the cold war, as many as 32,193 nuclear warheads and bombs were built and ready for deployment!
  • Since 1951, the total number of nuclear missiles developed by USA is 67,500. By 1990, US had a stock pile of 70,000 nuclear warheads and bombs!
  • Nuclear weapons news today shows that many more developing countries are in the process of acquiring the technology to build nuclear weapons. International efforts are underway to undertake large-scale voluntary nuclear disarmament.

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