Changes In Women’s Body During Pregnancy (Infographic)

Changes In Women’s Body During Pregnancy (Infographic): Pregnancy is state of women’s body when every aspect of the body goes under changes to accommodate the new life growing in the womb. These changes are both internal and external. body needs more nutrition to balance the needs of women’s own body and fetus, it needs more space to accommodate the fetus. There are changes in respiratory system, cardiovascular system, skeletal system, endocrine changes, Musculature of the body changes and various other non visible changes.

The skeletal structure of the lower body also undergoes substantial changes to accommodate the growing size of the uterus. For this reason, the pelvic bones move to widen the waistline of the mother and give more space to the uterus. As the fetus grows in size, the lady also experiences acid reflux due to the pressing of the diaphragm against the visceral organs. To avoid this she must eat small meals at frequent intervals and also keep herself sufficiently hydrated. Kegel’s exercises are also recommended to keep the vaginal and urinary muscles toned. Else, the lady may experience incontinence in later stages of life.

Here is an interesting infographic from  Pregnant Weeks designed by Graphs

Changes In Women's Body During Pregnancy (Infographic)

How a Woman’s Body Changes During Pregnancy


This infographic is Courtesy of  Pregnant Weeks and Designed by Graphs

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