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Know Your Personal Gemstone

Know Your Personal Gemstone

Many of us might have know Gemstones just as a jewelry or adornments but there are many other aspects of them which you should know. They can enhance overall personality of the individual and symbolize many values. Here we...

Million Dollar Watches

Million Dollar Watches? Yess!

“Luxury Has No Limits” you must have heard this line many times and wondered to what extent people can go to fulfill their desires. We have an infographic which will probe this quote right away. It has collection of...

Weird Heels Weird People 2

Weird Heels Weird People

Weird Heels Weird People: Girls love high heels but fashion is getting real weird these days, like Lady Gaga 🙂 so are high heels. I came across some of them, wanted to share with your guys may be some...