Alarming Facts about Biodiversity


On verge of Extinction!

  • If estimated about 5-15 million species live on our planet earth.
  • Only 1.75 million species have been described till now.
  • Bacteria 4,000
  • Protoctists (algae, protozoa) 80,000
  • Animals – vertebrates 52,000
  • Animals – invertebrates 1,272,000
  • Fungi 72,000
  • Plants 270,000
  • Around 16,000 species are threatened right now.
  • Depleting wetlands are producing dangerous for various species.
  • In the last several decades of the twentieth century about 20% of the world’s coral reefs were lost and an additional 20% were degraded due to warmer water temperatures, and water pollution and pollutants
  • Agricultural and Industrial boom has flushed many forests and habitats resulting in extinction of hundreds of  species.
  • 35% of the world’s mangrove area was lost in the last several decades of the twentieth century
  • Mass extinctions happened before us and may be this will happen again:Late Cambrian
    (~500 million years ago) Changing sea levels
    Late Ordovician
    (440 million years ago) Glaciation (ice age)
    Late Devonian
    (~365 million years ago) Global cooling
    End Permian
    (245 million years ago) 96 per cent of marine species and 75 per cent of terrestrial vertebrate families became extinct during this, the largest, mass extinction, which was caused by fluctuations in sea level and ocean salinity resulting from climate change
    Cretaceous-Tertiary (K-T)
    (65 million years ago) Famed for the extinction of the dinosaurs and widely thought to have been caused by a meteor impact

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Sources: Facingthefuture, Scidev

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