A Bra Saved Her Life!

Surprised? Yes, this is true. An incidence from Germany. The 41 year old woman from North Rhine Westphalia escaped severe injuries thanks to her bra, which luckily stopped the bullet. It was a ricochet bullet which resulted in pain and hematoma lucky for her. Underwire of the bra had kept the bullet from entering the woman’s body which could have resulted in fatal injuries

The incidence took place when the woman was travelling with her husband on a bike near Mecklenburg Western Pomerania, Germany. The couple were crossing through a field and unluckily found themselves around the area of a boar hunt. Local authorities have started the investigation, and they have already identified the hunter who shot the bullet.

If you dig deeper incidence like this is not the first in the area. A man died few years back when a bullet fired by fellow hunter hit him.


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