5 Mistakes to Avoid as a Trade Show Exhibitor

A trade show is a place for exhibitors to present their services and products in the best light possible. Even if the booth and its displays are attractive and compelling, it’s still possible to make mistakes. Below, potential attendees will learn which errors to avoid when building a trade show display.

Building Barriers

While it’s important to have a table upon which the company’s wares are displayed, they can cause trouble when they’re wrongly placed. For instance, if the table is at the front of the booth and the team is sitting behind it, there’s a natural barrier between the vendor and those they’re trying to reach. By putting tables off to the side or at an angle, it’s easier to meet, greet, and learn about customers.

No One Knows About It

Another big mistake is the failure to inform potential and current customers of the trade show. Newsletters, emails, and newspaper ads are a great way to spread the word, and social media can help companies connect with prospective buyers ahead of the show.

Not Sending the Right People

Business owners are busy, and most are reluctant to leave their offices for an extended period. When trade show season comes around, many owners send low-level employees instead of attending themselves. While this is optimal, if it’s impossible, be sure to send a knowledgeable employee with decision-making power.

Failure to Follow Up

Even if the trade show itself goes smoothly, mistakes may still be made afterward. Some customers need a little more convincing, and to seal the deal, vendors should obtain their contact information and follow up once the show is over.

Being at the Wrong Show

When deciding which shows to attend, owners should consider the products and services they sell. For instance, a company selling fashion accessories shouldn’t attend a garden and home expo. Another sure way to escape attendees’ notice is to have a non-descript display. Investing in a trade show display is a sound marketing strategy, as the display itself may be used for years to come.

Building a trade show exhibit is a good way to build a brand and get it in front of a wider audience. Vendors can see more about this topic online or they may call for additional details.